Z Style Steel Conveyor
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HIH Z-Type Steel Conveyorpictured with Rotary Index Table

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The Horizontal to Incline to Horizontal Conveyor Series is a profile used for finished part applications. This conveyor is ideally suited for bedside the press applications to remove parts from under the machine or transition from another conveyor and elevate up to another piece of equipment or discharge for inspection or assembly. The angle of incline and the discharge horizontal sections are adjustable from 20-45 degrees for elevation changes. The fully welded frame construction of this model produces a solid square frame for industrial use.


Exclusive Series Features:

Formed C-channel frame with welded cross members
Supports bearings and pulleys featuring an unique design tracking adjustments
Side Rail Overlap:
Recessed belt edges - .625" per side up to 18" widths or less and 1.625" per side on 24" and 30" wide
Cleated Belt:
Standard polyurethane belts with either 20, 30, 40, 60 mm tall cleats on 15" centers
Feature a machine trapezoidal crown on head and tail pulleys which provide increase tracking signal
Motor Starter:
Includes manual push button motor starter with thermal overload
Hole Pattern:
Pre-punched pattern on bottom of frame for repositioning leg supports along the frame length
Five year limited


Technical Specifications:

  • Frame: height, 13 gauge welded C channel steel frame fabricated with welded steel tubular cross members, optional steel slider bed for support. Incline frame section is adjustable up to 60 degrees
  • Side Rails: 5″ extruded aluminum side rails without top return, overlap is .625″ per side, or 1.625″ per side on 24″ and 30″ wide models. Belt widths greater 18″ have a R16, 3.5″ tall stainless steel rail as a standard
  • Belt: 2 ply white FDA Approved P.U. cover, Anti-Static with ¾″ cleats welded on 15″ centers, splice is endless bias angle skive type
  • Belt Widths: 6″, 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″ (standard)
  • Length:Combined Lengths to a max. of 15′ (2′ min on drive) and (2.5′ min. on take-up end), manufactured in 1′ increments (standard)
  • End Drive: Located at in-feed end, M1, M2, are standard M9, M10, M11, M12 are available at no charge. Side drive positions M5, M6 are available. Positions M3, M4, M13, M14, M7, M8 are available if applicable (please consult factory) Standard drives are 120VAC/1/60 HZ motors
  • Speeds: 22 FPM (standard), 45, 67, 133 FPM - available at a nominal charge
  • Pulley: 3″ Drive & tail pulleys are both machined with trapezoidal crowns, shafts are 5/8″ diameter and bearings are sealed self-aligning type, no lubrication required. Drive pulley is fully lagged
  • Take-up Assembly: Allows for 2.5 inches of take-up of belt adjustment
  • Electrical Control: NEMA 1 enclosure with push button manual motor starter with thermal overload protection and 12′ of SJ 16/3 cord with plug for 120VAC input power as standard
  • Supports: Steel telescoping type supports, LS2 series included with CA3 (4″ diameter swivel toe locking casters) Elevation is 11.9″-16.9″ top of belt to floor with cleats up to 30 mm tall
  • Paint: Powder coated industrial finish (other colors available as options)


Common Options:

Drive Motor Location: Motor locations for special elevation requirements or functions

Variable speed drives: AC and DC type variable speed drive packages for different input voltages

Belts: Wide selection of various belt materials, cleat heights, spacing, and V-guides

Reversing Packages: Automatic processing reversing control packages

Indexing Packages: Automatic belt indexing packages

Side rails: Alternative side rail height and materials

Covers for Top of Conveyors: Polycarbonate & stainless steel covers

Covers for Bottom of Conveyors: Bottom covers- painted steel and stainless steel

Conditioning Units: Ambient air blowers and chilled water fed cooling blowers


White Cleated Belt Conveyor Close Up
HIH Z-Type Steel Conveyor


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