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Screw Type Separator
Screw Type STSF Separator


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Screw Type Separators

A screw type separator is used to separate small parts form sub-runners, ideally suited for small to medium number of cavities and runners. A gap separation method is used between the screw and the adjustable angle slide plate. The smaller (shorter of the two pieces) fall through the gap.

NOTE: Multi-Screw Separators are available to handle difficult separation and higher volumes. Consult factory.




Designed for small parts and sub-runners with low volumes, typically where the runners or parts are larger in vertical height than the corresponding parts and or runners. Consider selecting the 24" long model when using a 12" wide or narrower conveyor. If using a 18" wide or narrower, please consider the use of the 36" long unit, or use the 36" long unit when having a medium number of cavities and sub-runners. Special Note: a special two tier STS-E series can be devised to increase resonance time for high numbers of cavities and faster cycles.



Screw Type Separator Reference Dimensions


Features and Specifications

  • Modular extruded aluminum frame construction
  • Adjustable stainless steel guard over the top of the rotating helical screw, provides gap adjustment for part size and extends the life of the polyurethane fingers.
  • Clear LEXAN guard on the back-side of the unit, which allows viewing of separation process.
  • Stainless steel adjustable angle slide plate, easy access, industrial strength, single point adjustment with side locking mechanism. Adjustment allows for various sized parts and runners.
  • Machined UHMW Polyethylene helical screw, 24", 30" & 36" long, extends beyond the slide plate, thereby allowing parts or runners proper clearance to exit the unit.
  • Flight is 2-3/16" long x 3/16" tall - may be modified for applications.
  • UHMW screw has a variable speed rotation through a speed control dial.
  • Removable and polyurethane fingers are included to create tumbling action. The "fingers" are located with a setscrew and can be trimmed per application.
  • operator safety through low stall torque.
  • Telescoping legs with standard 19" min. to 32" max. adjustable height range
  • Discharge height of bottom of slide tray to floor is 5.25" min. to 16.5" max., less options
  • (4) four - 4" diameter swivel, polyurethane, non-marking wheels with toe locking casters, provides portability.
  • Supply power requirements: 110 VAC/60/1 input power


Screw Type Separator

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